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How to Join

Before you can join CAP, each potential Member is required to attend a minimum of three meetings.  Upon arriving at your first meeting you will be assigned a mentor to discuss with you what the Civil Air Patrol Program is about and to answer any questions that you may have.  You will also have an opportunity to take a look at our facilities and observe Squadron training and activities.

On your second meeting, you will be given further opportunity to observe and ask questions.  We will also begin discussing the paperwork process, Membership dues and the Membership Board process.

On your third meeting, pending recommendation from the Member Review Board, you will be given further instructions on how to apply for membership.

For Potential New Cadet Members: 

Registration is done online for the Civil Air Patrol National Membership and the yearly cost is $37.00.   

For Potential New Senior Members:

(Adults 18 years of age or older) You will also need to be reviewed by the Squadron Review Board.  Once approved, you will receive a paper form with a fingerprint card that must be filled out and returned to the Squadron with a check for the annual due of $67.00, which will be paid to CAP National Headquarters, Civil Air Patrol.

You can learn more about the Civil Air Patrol Program here:

(This link will open a new browser window outside the CAP.GOV domain.)

If you would like to visit one of our meetings or if you are interested in talking to one of us to learn more about the Civil Air Patrol Program and what we do at our Squadron, please fill out the questionnaire at the internal link: CAP Information Request

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